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Better than c-Si and the other conventional solar cells
Better than Cd Te,
Better than micromorph,

NanoPV technologies Inc., was incorporated in 2005 with nearly 20 years of experience in solar cell technologies, panel manufacturing and system integration. NanoPV is an US, Princeton, New Jersey based company with projects executed at various locations globally. NanoPV has crystalline silicon and thin film silicon solar panel manufacturing facilities as well as solar farms using NanoPV technologies in various global locations. Today, NanoPV is a leader in high energy delivery, low cost thin-film and crystalline Si PV technologies. NanoPV manufactures the most advanced solar panels, provides manufacturing equipment, technology and end-to-end turn key solutions.

NanoPV is executing one of the largest solar manufacturing facilities in the USA at its manufacturing plant in Americus, Sumter County, Georgia.

NanoPV's solar panels are completely certified for their performance, safety and life time for a minimum of twenty-five years by U.S. and international certification standards and agencies such as IEC, UL, TUV and CE. NanoPV has unique technology based on nano-crystalline silicon, crystalline silicon and proprietary light-trapping & TCLO technologies. NanoPV has filed and owns several IPs in the areas of nano technologies, solar cell and panel manufacturing. NanoPV possesses the lowest manufacturing cost per Watt for any kind of PV technology anywhere in the world.