Founder, President and CEO

Dr. Anna Selvan John

Dr. Anna Selvan John is the Founder, President and CEO of NanoPV Solar Corporation USA and NanoPV Group of companies.

Dr. Anna Selvan John is a world renowned Scientist in the field of Solar Energy. He has invented the most important third generation solar technology. His Technology and inventions are used by many solar energy as well as many technology companies all over the world

He is one of the scientists who pioneered the Nanocrystalline Si solar cell development. He has invented the concept of Transparent Conducting Light trapping Oxide (TCLO) and various light trapping structures for solar cells. He is part of the team that invented Micromorph concept in the early nineties in Switzerland.

NanoPV solar technologies are currently being used all over the world including, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia and India. With two master degrees from Anna University and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and a Ph.D. from the prestigious Institute of Microtechnology, Neuchatel, Switzerland, Dr. John has more than twinty five years of experience in the field of Solar PV.

Dr. Anna Selvan John has written numerous peer reviewed research articles, conference papers and books. He has delivered lectures and chaired many international conferences. He has lead various European Union and DOE USA solar PV projects. Through NanoPV, Dr Anna Selvan John has given rise to some of the most successful solar cell companies in the world.