The specifications and the data sheet of the solar panels can be downloaded here.

NanoPV Solar Crystaline - Si Panels

NanoPV Solar panels possess one of the highest energy yields in the industry. Backed up with high quality and all international certifications for standards and safety, the panels offer the highest reliability and cost effective solution for any solar applications. Our standard size of the solar panel corresponds to the size of various building standards and it is perfectly sized for the easy installation and reduced installation cost. In addition to the standard product, solar panels with various sizes and various output power, voltage and currents are available to fit any PV application, or solar array system.

  • Highest energy yield in the market
  • Better performance at low light level conditions, mornings, evenings, even in rainy and cloudy weather conditions.
  • Better performance even with partial shadow conditions
  • Less sensitive to the angle of orientation
  • Cost effective solutions leading to highest IRR for any solar project.